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JN SunSet Kiteboard

JN sunset


JN Sunset Kiteboard

The JN Sunset is simply the ultimate medium and light wind weapon that provides the features and characteristics you need to ride a bit earlier.

The Sunset has a flat scooped rocker line and a distinctive outline with a concave shape in the centre section of the board. This makes for early planing, outstanding upwind ability and excellent grip. Having more of the edge in the water, it feels like you’re using an additional fin. In light conditions, where kiting with a normal board is hard work, you can shoot upwind and maximise the fun you have on the water. The board is also particularly beneficial to heavier riders.

JN Sunset Kiteboard FEATURES:

Spline optimised single concave bottom I Progressive scoop rocker line I 4mm thin ABS sidewalls I Reinforced Flex tips I Extra light, durable honeycomb core I Sophisticated carbon layer for balanced flex and torsion characteristics I Ergonomic 3D comfort pads combined with one fits all straps I High end injection fins
JN Sunset Kiteboard Main Features

Smooth landings suspended by optimised concave and flexible tips I Incredible upwind performance through a balanced combination of concave, out       line and extra thin ABS sidewalls I Fast responding rebound for precise feedback I Amazing pop thanks to the balanced flex and straight outline I Variable stance positions for pats and bindings

 JN Sunset Kiteboard Größen

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